Out on the water

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It was a hot and humid Sunday in Port Moresby today and those with a love of water wasted no time in getting out and enjoying the sun and sea.  After all, the weather in Port Moresby has been atrocious for much of the past couple of weeks and today’s weather was much welcomed.

Out at Ela Beach, locals splashed on the waters and others made use of the slide on the far end of the beach.

There was also a strong wind too much to the delight of hobbie cat users and they too geared up to head out to sea.

Owners of yachts too weren’t going to let this day go by and in perfect conditions many berthed at the Royal Papua Yacht Club made their way to nearby islands like Lolorua and Fishermen Islands.

And as you will see in the pics below, one boat was unlucky during the rough weather and the sight of it sinking was a sad sight and very good conditions.

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