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Hiri Moale To Be Held This Year

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The popular Hiri Moale Festival is on again this year.

The Festival which celebrates the Motu Koitabu culture with an emphasis on the Hiri trade between between the traditional landowners of Port Moresby and the people of the Gulf Province is scheduled for Friday 29th & Saturday 30th September 2017.

There have been concerns in the hosting of this event much due to the fact that the usual venue at Ela Beach is currently under construction.  However, Mr Nou Pipi the festival co-oridinator in a Facebook posting announced that the venue agreed on by the organizers is still at the Ela Beach but further to the Paga Hill ring-road area.


The proposed venue is a good choice by the organizers as proved in the recently held Independence celebrations which was organised by the National Capital District Commission.

Activities during the event will include art and craft selling, traditional dancing, choir, peroveta, gospel singing, string band music, canoe racing and the major attractions being the arrival of the Lagatoi and the Hiri Hanenamo contest.

The Festival Committee has announced 17 young ladies, known as the Hanenamos, who will contest in this year’s Hiri Hanenamo.  The names announced are:

  1. Jeperth Tulapi (Village: Mahuru Tattooist: Hari Latana)
  2. Aiva Kevau (Village: Pari Tattooist: Mura Cecil)
  3. Hebou Kevau Dikana Nou (Village: Barakau Tattooist: Raka Nao)
  4. Morea Tauedea (Village: Porebada Tattooist: Seri Raka)
  5. Rizza Tupa (Village: Araira Tattooist: Rita George)
  6. Eba Kaira (Village: Boera Tattooist: Hisiu Kaema)
  7. Leilani Loa Arua (Village: Pari Tattooist: Koloka Nou Rarua)
  8. Areni Hila La’a (Village: Poreporena Laurabada Tattooist: Boge Pipi)
  9. Theresa Breuil Lohia (Village:  Elevala Lahara Tattooist: Heva Biri)
  10. Quanaki Victoria Gaudi (Village:  Pari Taurama Tattooist: Wendy Buri Gaudi)
  11. Mauri Lahui (Village:  Elevala Mirigini Tattooist: Nancy Gorohu)
  12. Jessie David (Village: Tatana  Tattooist: Thomas Resena)
  13. Maselthat Vai English (Village: Pari Taota Tattooist: Baia Ranu)
  14. Dianne Nihirai (Village: Tatana Tattooist: Hitolo Nihirai)
  15. Mere Karoho Donisi (Village: Pari Taurama Tattooist: Mauri Vabu)
  16. Miriam Tabua (Village:  Kirakira Tattooist: Sose Goasa)
  17. Angelly Solien (Village: Tatana Araira Tattooist: Lilly Solien)

Singing and dancing as Lagatoi arrives