Facebook Deleting Historical Papua New Guinea Photos

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Have you ever posted a photo of historical significance to Papua New Guinea on Facebook only to have it deleted? Have you ever been blocked on the social media giant for posting such photos? The deleting and blocking doesn’t come as a surprise now as many administrators of Facebook Groups posting such photos have faced the wrath of “FB”.

In an article in The Guardian recently, it was reported that:

  • Facebook has been accused of “discriminatory and racist” behaviour after it deleted historical photos from a group that publishes archival photos of men and women from Papua New Guinea.
  • claims photos showing traditional dress or ceremonies were deleted for allegedly containing nudity – but photos showing nudity among white people were not.
  • Users have been complaining of feeling censored, accusing Facebook of deleting some of the photos and banning some users from posting.
  • “You could see it as racist, that an American company is discriminating against this group of people, saying these photos are banned from our group. The attitude is just incredible.” said Arthur Smedley – one of the Groups administrators
  • A spokesperson for Facebook said that images had been removed in “error” and were being restored.
  • “I thought to myself, ‘Why are they blocking these photos, which have a lot of historical validity, yet allow people to post trivial stuff elsewhere?’ – Peter Kranz, former executive director of information resources at the University of Papua New Guinea

You can read the full article here