Christmas Cruise

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It’s that time of the year again when the HR section advises on the office closure and re-opening date, the bonus or vouchers if we’re lucky and of course the Christmas party.  In all honesty and you will agree that Christmas parties are starting to become so boring it’s just like another office day except outdoors or some other entertainment venue.

Is your boss choosing the same venue same theme again?  Believe it or not, some companies have the same type, style and theme of Christmas party a wantok reckons its like attending a Sunday service.

One way to spice up the Christmas is to go on a cruise.

Hire a boat or a yacht and take the staff out for a well deserved celebration.

It doesn’t have to be a picnic and a swim although that’s not such a bad idea too but it can be as simple as a harbour cruise.  Some of the big companies are doing that and if you have a smaller budget you can still hire a smaller boat.

The Yacht Club has a number of boats on hire but it’s hard to get one available at this of the year due to the enormous demand by businesses and families wanting to enjoy the sun, sand and sea at islands like Fishermen Island, Gemo or even Manubada Island.

This morning MV Bulolo docked at the Harbourside on hire getting ready for another cruise out to Fishermen Island for a staff Xmas party.

Xmas Parties should be filled with excitement, fun and more fun.

Next time you want to have a bit more fun than what you’re about to experience this year, recommend to your boss about the possibility of having a Christmas Cruise.