A Healthy 2021

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2020 is a year we’d rather forget.

But thankfully, there’s a new year ahead of us to do better and be better.  One of the ways you can improve yourself is to eat better, eater healthy.  Get rid of all the junk food that’s filtered your diet.  If you need to make the change you’ve been dreaming about for God knows when now is the time.

Eating out isn’t necessary a bad thing.  It’s great to enjoy life and eating out is just one of those “feel good” activities you can include in your weekly routines.  It’s got to be a treat and a rare occasion during the week or fortnight so you can make it feel special.  Too much of it and you not only waste a lot of money but more importantly put your life at risk.

It’s amazing how Papua New Guinea offers so much in fresh, organic and healthy choices yet many of us tend to be blinded by imported and processed food.

Research shows that to get fit or stay fit, diet makes up 80% of the necessary work to achieve a healthy goal and the rest is exercise which makes up 20%.  You can exercise all you want but if your diet is unhealthy, all the exercise becomes plain meaningless.

Wishing you all the best for 2021. Now is the time to turn those bad habits into healthy ones.  It’s not an overnight thing, we know that.  But as we said above, if you can better yourself from yesterday, you’re doing pretty good. And keep at it.

Stay healthy.