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Harbourside Night Market
25 Nov

Harbourside Night Market

Hosted by: Pacific Palms Property

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  • Harbourside Development, Champion Parade, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

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  • 3pm-Wednesday

    25 November 2020

It's back again and the timing is perfect with Christmas just around the corner. Unlike previous markets held at this "place to be", the markets are getting an early start with stalls open for sales as early as 3pm through to 9pm giving you more than enough to snatch up whatever that tickles your fancy! There will be live music to set you in the mood as you wonder around the premises absorbing the vibrant market atmosphere well into the evening.  And of course there's the six food and beverage outlets to complement the evening and make it a pleasant one. It doesn't happen that often and it's an opportunity you need to "grab it while you can" with the festive season not too far away. There's bound to be lots of gift ideas but there's certainly not going to be lots of time on hand so get over to the Harbourisde with family and friends, stroll around and see what's on offer and don't forget to grab a drink or a bite at the eateries available. If you haven't checked out the new joint, Alibi, this is your chance. See you at the Harbourisde.


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