The Tau’s Rendition of “Teardrops Falls” Has Youtube Viewers Rising

  • Before the next teardrop falls, youtube viewership on this local rendition of Freddy Fender’s classic hit Before the next teardrop falls will reach a staggering 2 million.  By Papua New Guinea standards this is a fantastic achievement by local musicians. And the number keeps on rising.

    The song itself is beautiful but the voice of young upcoming singer Beyliss Tau along with the back-up voice of Makali makes this rendition simply outstanding.  Beyliss has a young and sweet voice that echoes flawlessly throughout.  And Makali’s inclusion is superb making their version possibly the best.

    Beyliss’ lead vocals in this old time song along with the acoustics makes this song more refreshing and indeed a pleasure to listen to.  The song and the voice makes puts you at ease and no doubt there’s a lot more feeling to the soul that makes you appreciate the song and the voices more.

    You only have to look at the comments made by the viewers to know just how much the rendition has struck a chord to those lucky enough to listen to the beautiful voice of this up and coming singer from Tubusereia village in the Central Province of Papua New Guinea.

    It’s a song where you won’t get enough of it!

    Here are some of the comments:

    Great version Freddy would be proud of you as we all are. Good Job

    one word !! Honey you are more than words say !! U have my vote !!!!🙅💞😇💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤Amen God Bless you !!

    Music, the universal language.. A youngster with a great voice.. doing justice to Freddy Fender’s beautiful song…

    Incredible.!!!!!…Richly blessed with such beautiful voices❤

    Not only that you are very beautiful but you got a very strong beautiful voice. Are you going to make more YouTube music for us. The man’s voice is also beautiful and soft. Well done Papua New Guinea

    Wow – a great rendition of this timeless classic…the PNG version with great voices…hereadae bona tanikiu Makali…

    Aside from the original by Freddy Fender, This is absolutely the best I’ve heard of this song. Very nicely done. My hat’s off to the performers, “well, if I were wearing a hat” I will listen to this again. Good job here. God Bless.





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