The Rubik Puzzle – Solved in Seconds

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The Rubik Cube is one of the most long boggling puzzles you will ever come across. For some it has taken decades to solve while others simply have given up yet continue to be amazed at how a select few can simply solve it in less than a minute.

A recent video has unearthed of a young kid solving the cube in less than 60 seconds. Check this out:

45 seconds is indeed a phenomenal effort. To put this into perspective from a larger or broader scale, the Guinness Book of Records has it that the fastest to solve the cube is a ridiculous 4 seconds. Beat that!

What’s really amazing when comparing both efforts and undoubtedly those who are good at solving this puzzle is the approach in solving it and the execution.

There’s a few seconds studying the cube and how the smaller squares are set out. Within a minute, a plan is worked out on how the puzzle will be solved and from the get go the coordination between the mind and the fingers is brilliantly executed.

The speed of how the mind and fingers work is astonishing for something that looks so complicated.