The New Telikom TV Explained in Simple Terms

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The new Telikom TV launched recently by Telikom PNG heralds a new era of home entertainment at least in Papua New Guinea.  There have been countless questions about what it is, what the difference is between other services like Digicel Play and how it can be accessed and so forth.  So this piece is to answer some of the frequent questions often asked by interested Papua New Guineans since its launch.


What is Telikom TV

Telikom TV is basically a television service that uses the internet to deliver the channels it offers.  It offers 20 television channels as well as various apps, the most popular being Netflix and Youtube.


Unlike the television services we are all accustomed with which uses antennas, satellite dishes and cables, Telikom TV provides these services through the internet.  This form of television service is technically known as IP TV or Internet Protocol Television.

An example of how the apps might appear and the options to choose from

What do you need to access Telikom TV

You will require the following:


  • need a television set (surprise, surprise)
  • Decoder set device
  • fixed home or office internet service (ADSL to Fiber)


In respect of the last requirement, you will need to have data bundle enough to use the service because unlike other services like Digicel Play where you can “top-up” with phone credits to use it, you’ll actually need to purchase data plan or bundle much like how you pay for a plan to access the internet on your smartphone.

So what’s great about this form of television service?

Glad you asked!


It opens up a lot more variety from your usual free to air service like EMTV or even Digicel Play.  The internet offers endless opportunities and in so far as television is concerned you can access movies or programs that tickle your fancy.  Sports, world TV, news and more – an IPTV provides a lot of entertainment options only with a few clicks.  Heard of Netflix?  Yup, you can access the many movies on Netflix, however, you should note that you need to be a subscriber of Netflix to access their service. Telikom TV opens the door for you to access this and many other entertainment programs on the internet.


Most IPTV services like Netflix offer on-demand service so you can actually pick the movie you want to watch whenever you want to watch it.  Television services like EMTV have their programs broadcast on a schedule.

Is there a catch?

The biggest warning with IPTVs is the use of data. Because most of the services provided are through the internet, any downloading or streaming will use up your data.  So if you do download or stream, make sure you have enough data.


Speed is also a factor.  You need to have high speed internet which is probably why, in the case of Telikom TV, you need Telikom PNG’s fixed line internet service like ADSL or Fiber to access the service.

Can you access Telikom TV through wireless network?

You can’t access the entire Telikom TV service through a wireless network.  That is, the other television channels it offers through this service will not be accessible.  Telikom PNG does say that you can use the decoder with your fixed wireless broadband to access the Apps (applications) like Netflix and YouTube to view their offerings.



Telikom TV is next level entertainment.  With a lack of entertainment opportunities in Port Moresby, Telikom TV is certainly an opportunity to consider for entertainment at home.


And it isn’t just for entertainment.  The internet has countless education programs so IPTV’s like Telikom TV is certainly an avenue to explore the many educational programs that are on offer and can be accessed on demand.


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