Q & A with Mereani Masani on her recent release BOSSMAN

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Mereani Masani Bossman Questions & Answers:

  1. What was you inspiration for writing this song?
    A lot of my friends and family including personal experiences inspired this song.
    One of the biggest challenges a lot of relationships face today is, lack of trust.
    No relationship can work without it; you got to learn to work on your trust issues to
    have a happy and healthy relationship. I hope the song can improve at least 1
    relationship and also bring attention to something all too common for women in
  2. Tell me a little about the song “Bossman”?
    I wrote this song in Kimbe at the Liamo Reef Resort right on their famous “bella’s bridge” in August 2016 whilst me, dAdiigii and Jay Lieasi were there for a gig. They both found me on the bridge one morning with my guitar, pen and paper and asked what I was doing. 1hr later we completed the song hehe… They’ve always been so supportive since day one and I’ve always valued their opinions so was great to have them sit down and actually contribute to this song. Musically, this song has different elements but I prefer to call this island Reggae with a soulful twist and it was produced by B-Rad Studios who did a brilliant job with the production.
  3. Who is your musical inspiration?
    So many but to name a few, Mariah Carey (grew up listening to all her albums),
    Beyoncé (she sings about the realest situations. Looooove her!) Bob Marley, he is
    and will always play a major part in why I sing from the heart and need to be heard.
    And of course OSHEN… He honestly inspired me so much growing up.
  4. What’s next for Mereani?
    A national tour is definitely in the books as we speak. I want to be able to visit the
    most rural areas of PNG, share my talent and hopefully be able to inspire the young
    and the old along the way with my music.
  5. What has been the highest point of your career?
    My highest point would definitely be, been given the opportunity to work alongside
    the very talented dAdiigii for the theme song for the FIFA under 21’s Women’s world
    cup in 2016. That was pretty awesome and definitely a humbling experience. I still
    pinch myself to make sure it wasn’t all a dream.
  6. What has been the lowest point?
    During the SP games in 2015, a couple of other artists including myself got told
    seconds before we literally went up on stage to perform for the closing ceremony
    that we couldn’t perform as planned due to an unexpected problem that occurred. I
    was gutted. I had to choose spending time with my children and being a mum or
    working long hours for more than 2 weeks to prepare for the SP games prior to that
    ceremony only to be turned away at the very last minute because my music had “all
    of sudden” vanished from their program. Someone obviously felt incredibly
    threatened and although my heart broke that night it only made me even more
    eager to show the haters that you can never stop someone who is so passionate
    about what they do. I’ve grown and I’ve moved on and I’m still living my dream
    today so there is no reason why I couldn’t be happy. I believe the lowest points in
    our lives are meant to make us stronger and build us up and that’s definitely what
    this low moment in my musical career did for me. To be in this business, you have to
    grow some thick skin. There are going to be days when you’re not making much or
    days when nobody cares about your music except yourself but you need to believe in
    your music when nobody else does because you are the only one who can keep it
  7. Tell me about the video?
    The shooting of the video took about a week to film. I wanted this video to have such
    a positive vibe to it as well as a bit of girl power so I wrote my first ever story board
    for the entire video as well as help Section 8 Productions edit the video which was
    fantastic! Some nights we’d work on the video till 5 am in the morning and go to bed
    when the sun came up. It was tiring but I became this workaholic who needed to get
    things done and meet my deadlines. Definitely a great learning experience!
    The video tells a story of the song visually from a woman’s prospective. My dear
    friend and talented comedian, Elton Kili who played “bossman” in this video did a
    great job bringing that positive and humorous vibe. He was a natural in front of the
    camera and I tried my best to keep up with him lol.
  8. What song are you releasing next?
    I’m currently working on brand new projects, I guess you’ll have to wait and see.
    Definitely exciting! Please stay tuned on either my
    Facebook page
    YouTube Channel:
    To see what is coming next.
  9. What do you think about the music industry in PNG?
    There’s so much potential to do more. Imagine all the things we could achieve, if we
    could work together and put our egos aside. Imagine the causes we could get behind
    maybe we could help steer the youth who are our future in a more positive
    direction. We need an actual music industry that actually looks out for us artist and
    musicians. We need to get royalties every time a song is played on the radio or our
    music is downloaded. Most artists do not get this in PNG. Most don’t even know
    they are supposed to. We could have annual workshops for the artist and musicians
    to broaden their knowledge about the music business and have the best support
    system to really back us up to move forward.
  10. Who is Mereani? Tell me about your background.
    I am first and foremost a very proud Papua New Guinean.
    I am Half Fijian and Half PNG Heritage
    I was born in Mt Hagen General Hospital
    I spent my early childhood in Trobriand Islands & then I moved to Lae were I grew up
    I have two wonderful Children who are my life
    I come from a big blended family of 9 Sisters & 6 Brothers
  11.  How can I download your music?
    To download the full tracks go to: this website will allow you to download the song.
    Or if you are on Digicel PNG then you text 24810 to 16340
    If you want the song as your Intunes then text the following codes to 133
    PNG: 24810 Fiji: 60888 Nauru: 6088 Vanuatu: 15850 Tonga: 15930 Samoa: 9050