PNG’s Musical Sensation: Mereani Masani

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By Pauline Mago-King

When Papua New Guinea (PNG) opened its doors to the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup last
year, it not only showcased its diverse cultures to the world but also its home-grown talents
like musical sensation Mereani Masani. The 28 year old, who hails from PNG and Fiji, has
always had a passion for singing having come from a melodic family. Although Mereani has
been performing since she was a child, the silky-voiced singer’s performance of the theme
song Kumul Susa at the FIFA opening was her biggest debut yet.

“[Performing at the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup] was a huge opportunity in that I got
more respect as an artist… I was just so nervous and excited all at the same time,” recalled
the singer. “Still it was like something I had to do and I did it.”

In addition to the singer’s well-received performance is her growing popularity. Mereani said that since Kumul Susa she’s more recognized than ever adding that restrictions have come hand in hand with the fame.

“I’m trying to get used to it,”said the singer in between smiles.“But it’s pretty hard sometimes because now my life is in the public eye so people have different perceptions of me from based on what they may hear…some good and some bad but that’s just the way it

People’s perceptions of the singer have even grown out of control so much so that it has
resulted in cyberbullying. In building her career, Mereani has had to endure harassment along with identity theft on social media. Although there are downsides to the job, the Melanesian singer emphasized that cyberbullying is something that shouldn’t be entertained.

In spite of the cyberbullying, Mereani is more determined than ever to make more music and
inspire people.

“I’ve been in a male dominated [music industry] and so I’ve had to fight my way through
that. It wasn’t all good times but I can finally say that I can do this because I’ve worked so

For the past six years, the singer has been engaged in a full-time music career. From
performing with her band Masterpiece to being a judge on the talent show Yu Em Khax,
Mereani is focused on her musical trajectory taking into account her triumphs and challenges.

“I’ve told myself that this year is time to shine,” said Mereani. “After working underground
all these years and testing the waters with my first song Mangi Ailan, I now know where
exactly I am and what I need to do. I’m focused.”

The singer’s focus has paid off with her new single Danis making its official debut on Yu Em
Khax’s grand finale last Sunday. The song which features local talents Tarvin Toune and O
Four is an upbeat composition that screams danis itself.

“When I wrote this song I was thinking of a patriotic song that Papua New Guinean people
could listen to it and automatically call it their anthem. It’s all about happiness, celebration
and unity.”

To find out more about Mereani’s latest music, visit Mereani Masani Official on Facebook
or go to to download her latest hit Danis.