Makali’s Youtube Video Egu Lalokau Is Too Damn Good

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After the success of Freddy Fender’s rendition of “Teadrops” which has amassed a staggering 8 million views and counting, Makali Tau is back with another video that’ll get viewers clicking.


The man from Tubuseria known for his melodic tunes backed by the angelic voice of younger sister HannahBeix, is capitalizing on this “new” found media and he is gathering fans both in PNG and  abroad.


”Egu Lalokau” which literally means “My Love” is a romantic number that classically fits the voice of this duo but then the blend of voice of Timz Tauhura and Eddie will get in the groove.  The guitar works are class and one wonders how this song would have gone with a full orchestra.


There is no doubt, Makali is the best performing PNG artist on YouTube.  The videos are local, the unique Motuan voice echoes well with the rhythm and nothing is overdone – it sounds so natural.