High review for Paradise Cinema as an entertainment centre

  • Source: CPL

    Ever since Paradise Cinema set up their screens at Vision City and later Waigani Central, movie lovers have made it their “place to be”.  And with social media being an avenue to air your feelings about literally anything, it’s also been a place to see what others think about what is probably PNG’s nambawan entertainment service.

    Paradise Cinema has a very active Facebook Page and given the significant number of interested movie goers, the level of engagement is often very high.  We recently checked out one of the upcoming movies Baywatch and while checking the schedule for it, we thought we’d check out the reviews given by fans of Paradise Cinema.  Do people like this service? What do they like about it, what don’t they like about it?

    Most of the comments one the review of Paradise Cinema are positive which is why the page has a 4.2 rating. It’s one of the PNG based pages that has a very active review score having over 100 users provide a review.

    Most of the reviews are honest with some giving hints of how to improve the service.  And there are a couple that are hilarious too.

    Good for couples

    Their promotions are contagious reaching those far and wide of the country

    They speak the truth

    A much appreciated place

    Highly recommended indeed

    One thumb just ain’t enough

    A fair comment too

    Beautiful but bizarre

    It’s a place not only for brave hearts but broken hearts too

    Well, a word of caution not to take the movies into your own hands

    Best to not take part, or else…

    Some get confused

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