Helgas Band – A Touching Tune

  • There’s been a lot of debate on social media about the current crop of music using predominantly music software to blast out their songs.  Technology after all is here to stay whether we like it or and given that music evolves this is just one aspect of how technology has changed the way musicians do things.

    Be that as it may, technology has also given us an opportunity to rekindle those memories of yester-years listening to the melodic sounds of our favorite musicians of the past.  In actual fact, it’s still possible to “retrieve” those hits with websites and apps like Spotify bringing those wonderful songs.

    One of the bands we spotted on Spotify was Helgas Band – a family band from Gabadi Village in the Central Province.  Although Helgas was a popular band in the Central Province, it actually hit the national audience being the first to make a music video of their hit song “Pore Vavine“.  Their female singer in fine traditional costume standing on bank of the river singing this popular “happy go lucky” song in a high pitched voice attracted many viewers and danced along to this favorite tune.

    Well, Helgas had more hits than Pore Vavine and it so happened that many of the popular songs ended up on Spotify.

    We recorded a few songs of those popular songs in this 2 minute audio clip to give you, or for the more familiar, take you back to the days when Helgas Band rocked the music scene.  It’s important to know that unlike Dejays, Gwadu or other bands renown for performing live, the local style of music in high pitched voice resonated well with those having a good time.  Quite simply, their songs were slow, melodic and touched the heart deeper.

    Anyway, take a listen – if you like it head to Spotify!







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