Harbourside Makeover

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Update : 3/7/20 – The popular Japanese restaurant Daikoku has added a Japanese flavour to the Harbourside eatery this week.

Original article :

Looks like the Harbourside is getting a makeover. Well, not the entire precinct but more specifically the area where Naked Fish was. Did we say “was”? We sure did and it looks like “Naked Fish” no more.

Details of the revamped place is sketchy at this stage but first impressions of the makeover is pretty impressive. It’s a more “open-air” feel and highly appropriate given the magnificent sunset views and the cool sea breeze in this prime location.

Looks like the place is likely to return to the buzz it often created when it first opened doors to the public.

We hope to get more information from but here’s a glimpse of the place taken a day ago. Great work though and excited to hear more of this place. We’ll keep you updated.