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A romantic dinner by the waterfront

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Hey fellas, if you’re thinking of making an impression on the lady you’ve been thinking about all week, month or maybe a year, then here’s a good place to try your luck.

The Harbourside is turning out to be a real cracker of a place and if the photos below don’t convince you, we’re not sure what will.

There’s a few things we like about this place.  The first is the magnificent view of the Harbour.  Add the sunset into the picture and you can try your luck at holding her hand. But be patient though.  Move to quick and you’ll be pushed away with a splash to follow on Port Moresby’s lake-like Fairfax Harbour.  Take your time, PNG time works best.  But, in all honesty, the scenery is splendid.

The food and beverage matches the scenery too.  The variety creates options from Chinese at Asia Aromas, Italian at Sognos, Indian curries and Tandoor by the Harbour, Burgers, Hot Dogs and Chips at Duffy’s and the more classy Western cuisine at Naked Fish.  As we said earlier, take your time and give her options or else you’ll be soaking wet and next to naked  under the deck.

Duffy’s is getting more impressive by the month and their recent addition of burgers, hot dogs and chips is sure to be a popular treat.

Obviously, the Harbourside isn’t just for those trying to get a little romantic.  It’s a place for all from the bubus to the pikininis.

So here are the pics of a night out at Harbourside.  For this particular night – it was Duffy’s.