How Much Parents Will Pay In School Fees

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By now, most of you are aware that there will be no such thing as “Free Education” (if it ever existed).  The new Government has provided a new policy with the aim of making education a “shared responsibility” between the Government and parents. The media release they’ve issued in the local papers is somewhat confusing for many of us.  Too long, with so many numbers and tables it looks as though we’re going to fork out more.  But we’ve summarized it below because the ultimate question for many of us parents is: “How much are we going to pay?”.


How much will I pay?

Depending on the level of education, here is how much you will pay for your child:


Sector Day (K) Boarding (K)
Elementary 40.34
Primary 108.91
Low Secondary 363.04 605.07
Upper Secondary 399.35 641.38
VOC 363.04 524.40
FODE 40.34
SERC 73.34


Essentially, you’re paying 36.6% of the total school fees and the Government paying the remaining 63.4%.


So, in case you’re curious as to how much exactly is the total school fees that both the government and you as a parent will pay, here is the figures:


Sector Day (K) Boarding (K)
Elementary 110.00
Primary 297.00
Low Secondary 990.00 1,650.00
Upper Secondary 1,089.00 1,749.00
VOC 990.00 1,430.00
FODE 110.00
SERC 200.00


Are we going to pay project fees?

The Government says YES.  But there are conditions and guidelines.  What’s important is that the maximum project fee limit per student is:


Sector Day (K)
Elementary 20.00
Primary 60.00
Secondary 220.00
Vocational 200.00
FODE K20/subject
Special Education 40.00


Church Agency Fees

Those attending church agencies will pay the following fees:

Preparatory – K5
Primary – K7
High/Secondary and Vocational – K10




Below is the original media release that was issued in the papers and you can double check the numbers in case of any inconsistencies.    As a disclaimer, the media release overrides any numbers or any inconsistency in the information above.

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