ESPG to deliver Education via Satellite

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By ESP Governor Allan Bird

Today marked a very significant milestone for Sepik as Dr Clement Malau signed an agreement with Kacific and Kinect Ltd to install 40 satellite dishes covering all our high schools and our major primary schools to deliver learning materials via internet to our children.

For many years the education outcomes in our province have been very poor.

ESPG currently spends K120 million a year on Education. More than half our budget. Yet our children continue to perform poorly. So spending more money on education is simply not giving us the results we need.

We had to come up with a smart, low cost alternative that enables us to track the progress of our children.

For three years we worked to realise this vision.

JaiveX was tasked to develop an E Learning platform (Sepik Genius) to deliver effective learning content for our children via the internet. Once the program was ready, we needed a low cost internet infrastructure to deliver it.

Fortunately, Kacific launched it’s satellite last year and that technology fitted perfectly with our vision.

Kacific provides the last piece of the puzzle.

We can now hook up all our high schools and junior high schools to internet. By the end of this year, we hope to provide access to all our primary school students as well.

All learning materials will be available online for our students paid for by ESPG.

The children in May River, Karawari, Maprik or Wewak will have access to the same quality learning opportunities.

Over time we will eliminate the need for printed documents.

Excess bandwidth will be sold to the public at an affordable rate.

This intervention will cost K2m and is to be funded from PSIP funds.

Our annual running cost will be around K150,000 for the first 40 access points. These sites should be fully operational by end of July.

With support from our respective DDAs, we expect to roll out to all our schools.

ESPG will use this single internet platform to deliver E Health, E Agriculture and E Commerce for all our people.

We are so grateful to our partners Kacific, JaiveX and Kinect.