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Celebrating Independence In Brisbane PNG44

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The Brisbane PNG Community put on a fantastic event on the 15th of September to celebrate the country’s 44th Independence Anniversary and the Bill Norris Oval in Beenleigh.

It’s the first time we’ve ever celebrated independence outside of the country and we’re glad to say, the pride and patriotism of the country we know as the land of the unexpected is truly alive.

It was a lively day kicking off at 10am as Papua New Guineans and those connected with the country in some way arrived at the venue draped in Black, Red and Gold colours.

By 12pm the allocated car park area was full as organisers directed vehicles away to park elsewhere.

Gate prices were $5 for adults and little pikininis getting away without paying a dime 🙂

Stalls selling a variety of items from food, bilums, perfumes and all sorts of stuff numbered over 50.

Many provinces were represented either with a stall or a performance by way of traditional dances and chants which brought not only brought the PNG style kind of entertainment but a sense of passion and pride of the country we all call home.

The crowd would have easily passed the 5,000 mark and on a sunny Brisbane day in Spring, the event was indeed a pleasant and enjoyable one for many of those who attended.  We certainly enjoyed our time.

Enjoy the images below: