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9 reasons to visit Papua New Guinea

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25 October, 2018 |  Source name: Easy Voyage

When dreaming of vacation destinations, it’s unlikely that Papua New Guinea springs to mind. But this undiscovered gem has enough adventure, culture and tradition to be worthy of the number one spot on your travel list. Here’s why!

1.Culture in abundance

A holiday is the perfect time to unearth a new culture and nowhere has a culture quite as expressive as Papua New Guinea. With over 7,000 different tribes existing today, each with their own languages and traditions, it may be difficult to find anywhere more diverse than this island.

Despite being born thousands of years ago, ancient traditions continue today through art, initiations and Sing Sings (dance and music festivals). And what’s even better? Locals who practice these traditions are more than willing to share them with you, so why not get involved on your trip and attend a local Sing Sing? It’s an experience not to be missed.

2. A hiker’s dream

Not one to lie around on a beach? Don’t worry, Papua New Guinea has enough adventure to keep you on your toes. Why not try the island’s famous Kokoda Track? This 60-mile of challenging trek can take up to nine days to complete.

If you can handle some tough conditions and thrill-seeking heights, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the island’s landscapes. From luscious green rainforests to vast rivers, this trek is definitely worth the effort.

3. The ideal climate

If it’s warm and comfortable temperatures you are looking for to enjoy a hike or the island’s picture-perfect beaches, Papua New Guinea will not disappoint. The sun shines all year round in Papua New Guinea with temperatures ranging between 77 and 90°F (25 and 32° C). But it is worth noting that due to its location in the tropics, Papua New Guinea does have a rainy season (December to March) that most visitors like to steer clear of.

4. Friendly faces

40% of Papua New Guinea’s population lives below the poverty line, but the island’s people are incredibly friendly. The majority live in thatched roof huts in small villages with no access to running water and electricity, but they don’t hesitate to welcome visitors with open arms and a warm smile. Whether this be by sharing their delicious cuisine or offering insights in to their traditions, locals here are amongst the most hospitable in the world.

5. Birdwatching

If you’re serious about birdwatching Papua New Guinea boasts a pretty unique collection to be admired. Pack your binoculars and get ready to have a look at the island’s 708 bird species, of many of which are endemic to the archipelago, including the Raggiana, the island’s national bird. Don’t forget your camera, too; you won’t want to forget this bird’s unique appearance and its even more peculiar feather-shaking mating dance! Visit between May and October for optimal bird viewing.

6. Deep-sea diving

Thanks to its location, Papua New Guinea’s waters are home to a great diversity of coral reefs and tropical fish. In fact, with its over 17,000 square miles of reef systems, it has even earned the title of world’s best diving destination! And on top of all this, there’s a whole world of wreck sites down there waiting to be discovered, many dating all the way back to WWII.

7. Technology cleanse

If what you hope to gain from a holiday is complete relaxation then Papua New Guinea is a destination that can definitely fulfill your requirements. WiFi or phone signal is not easy to come by here, providing you with the perfect chance to switch off and escape the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day life, giving you even more time to appreciate this islands’ beauty!

8. Heaps of history

Despite having ended 73 years ago, here on Papua New Guinea the Second World War doesn’t seem so far off. This is especially true in Rabaul, which was invaded by the Japanese and used as a military base in 1942. But it’s not only well-preserved aircrafts and shipwrecks found at the bottom of the ocean that remind us of the tragedy of this war.

On land, travelers can discover more about the past, whether it be visiting the decaying WWII aircraft dumped in the middle of the jungle or with a visit to Lae War Cemetery where nearly 3,000 soldiers are buried. A trip to Papua New Guinea is a journey back in time.

9. Island paradise

With 600 small islands, Papua New Guinea has more than enough private spots for you to discover. Whether you choose Panasia Island, Buka Island or Bramble Haven, you’ll be met with miles of white sand, clear turquoise waters, and best of all, tranquility.