UN Women pre-launches #SanapWantaim campaign

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safe3The United Nations Women has pre-launched the #SanapWantaim campaign at the Crowne Plaza hotel last Friday.

In collaboration with the NCDC and the Governor of Port Moresby, UN Women in launching the campaign expect a behaviour change focused on building a safe city for women and girls.

The campaign will run from October 28 to December 4, and will use moments to dramatically raise the volume on the campaign’s key messaging.   

Here are some of the intersting facts behind the launching of #SanapWaintaim:

  • A growing urban center there are more than 400 thousand people, expected to double by 2025, about 100 settlements of which 79 unplanned
  • It’s not safe- 2 or 3 reports of sexual violence every day in the markets, 55% of the women reported experiences of sexual violence in a market in 2015, 97% women and girls feel unsafe at bus stops.
  • 50% of the crimes in Port Moresby involve violence and an estimated that 70% of women are raped or assaulted in their lifetime in the city.

But the campaign gives hope that we can change!

#SANAP WANTAIM – A SAFE city for women and girls is a GREAT city for everyone. The campaign aims to:

1.Align men and boys with women and girls as partners and allies.

2.Empower women and girls to stand up for themselves and each other and acknowledge their right to the city.

3.Equip people with the knowledge of how to identify violence and harassment, and what to do when it is experienced or witnessed.

safe2And here are the 5 key messages:

1.EQUALITY: Men and women are equal.  This is a constitutional right; this is a human right.

2.CONSENT:  Consent means a woman’s right over her body.  When she says “no” it means “no” every time by everyone.

3.HARASSMENT IS WRONG:  Women and girls have a right to be safe in this city.

4.STAND TOGETHER: Men and women, boys and girls must stand together to make a safe city.

5.A SAFE CITY IS A GREAT CITY:  When the city is safe for women and girls, it is great for everyone.

How can you get involved?

  • LIKE their page on Facebook
  • Host and event
  • Participate in an event
  • Download the toolkit
  • Stand up for women or girl who needs help
  • Become the change you wish to see in the world

A SAFE City for Women and Girls is a GREAT city for everyone!