Stories from the Jungle

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The above image, on the face of it, tells an all too familiar story.  A story of neglect and a story of how disconnected the urban populace are from the rural.  But in between, there are tireless, hard working organisations and individuals that get out of their comfort zone to make a meaningful connection, particularly, for those in the rural that are in dire need of essential services.  In actual fact, the term “comfort zone” is probably inappropriate to use given that those tireless volunteers actually feel comfortable in offering their services to the needy.  They feel comfortable because they serve with their heart.

And Zo Eugene Olangi from the Digicel Foundation describes their daily experience with a bit of humour because after all, it’s an environment that they comfortably live within because their hearts feel a sense of comfort to see those who tend to have been systematically neglected by those responsible.

Here’s another day in the jungle by Zo:

“Usually we have Spades, bush knives and ropes in this Ambulance🚑🚨🇵🇬 Taem mefala stuck osem bae mefala digdig na happen!

But Villagers passing by always help for pull and dig osem without asking for any money in return.

Today we have 2 volunteers who left their Jobs and just do pure community Service.

One is a former Analytic Mining Chemist who now drives the Ambulance and also teaches science and Mathematics at a very remote rural School.

The one standing next to the Door with the red cross⛑️ is another Volunteer who graduated in the United States with Dual MBA in Finance and Accounting but decided to do full time Community Services in Remote Usino/Bundi at the Mountainous border of Madang and Simbu Province.

They usually bring sick patients from the Rural Mountainous ranges to our Hospital for Treatment and tufala not on any Government Salary for the work they doing!

Sometimes some organisation sore lo tufala then help osem lelebet but otherwise they doing it with their hearts!!

Hem noma lelebet story blo 2fala bro ya..