“Senisim Pasin” launched

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Senisim-Pasin-Title-v12-300x300Senisim Pasin is a national campaign that has been specially designed to change thinking and cultural attitudes about how women are valued in Papua New Guinea. It does not belong to the Tribal Foundation or our partners but to all of Papua New Guinea and to anyone who wants to be part of the progress. Senisim Pasin is a “community benefit” for our beloved Papua New Guinea. It inspires us all to get involved, join forces, and “change our ways.” Statistics suggest that as many as seven out of ten women in Papua New Guinea will be subjected to gender based violence in their lifetime.
Senisim Pasin takes a positive approach to this problem that has outlived its past due date and invites men, women, and children to be part of the solution.
The campaign is centered around a powerful documentary film by the same name that resonates deeply with Papua New Guineans.

The film has already begun to create a snowball effect and together with the campaign is destined to leave Papua New Guinea, and other Pacific Island Nations, forever changed. The campaign consist of three parts:

Film Screenings
The film will be shown on mobile theatres to communities across Papua New Guinea, mostly in outdoor settings, yet also shown in schools, churches, community centers and prisons. Each showing will consist of three components : first, a viewing of the documentary; second, an education component where participants will be taught conflict avoidance communication tools in cooperation with local resource providers; and third, a call to action where each participant will be invited to Senisim Pasin (Change their Ways) through taking a verbal pledge and signing the same. Individuals who sign the pledge to be part of the change will be given a special Senisim Pasin Bracelet along with 10 specially designed tools for communication and conflict resolution. They will be directed to the Senisim Pasin Facebook page for ongoing education and discussion.

Empowering Partners
The Tribal Foundation was one of the first supporters behind the 2013 “Women Arise” movement that culminated with the passage of the 2013 Family Protection Act in PNG’s Parliament. Senisim Pasin supports and will work in cooperation with the efforts of local and international partners who are also working on gender based violence so as not to replace such services, but instead to leverage their expertise and work in each community. Partnership with these groups will culminate in engaging the resource groups to assist with delivery of the conflict resolution tools as well as direct Papua New Guineans to these local resource groups for additional assistance and follow up. The campaign is creating a neutral platform where all organizations in this space can generate awareness and work together.

National Awareness/Legal Council
Senisim Pasin has also been designed to create awareness and bring the issue of gender-based violence to the forefront at a national level. Our media partners have been engaged from the start of the campaign and will compliment a holistic media ad campaign that is slated to start in early 2016. Additionally, the Campaign will include the establishment of a Legal Council intended to prosecute and bring awareness to targeted cases involving gender based violence.

We invite you to join the campaign and help change the world.
For more information on how you can join please contact us on the Senisim Pasin Facebook page or send an email to

You can also check the Senisim Pasin website at and view a trailer and “LIKE” them on Facebook here