Would you donate?

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In a surprising turn of events sacked rugby star Israel Folau has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for his legal costs in his continuing battle with Rugby Australia.

For a rugby star that had millions of dollars in his bank account, the recent move to set up a fundraiser certainly raises a lot of eyebrows.

The fight, as put by the embattled star, is the “fight of his life” for freedom of religious expression.

A page like GoFundMe is typically used for those who are unable to finance a worthy cause and while some may say that the fight of freedom of religion is a worthy cause, the former Wallaby fullback is certainly not one in financial trouble.

Those donating should also be aware that should Israel Folau lose his court battle, the funds raised could well be used to pay costs for the opposing side.

And in the event, funds exceed legal costs there is a good chance that the “excess” may not be refunded to donors.

Here’s a question for Papua New Guineans whose goal according to the recently installed Government is to be a “rich black Christian nation” – would you donate?

Pic: Sky News