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You know you’re a mad PNG State of Origin supporter when…

You know you're a mad PNG State of Origin supporter when

You know you’re a mad PNG State of Origin supporter when…


Tonight, the Blues take on the Maroons and a fair number of passionate Papua New Guinea league supporters pull on their Maroons or Blues jerseys.

It’s crazy to think that a game played in another country would create so much buzz here but it does illustrate the passion Papua New Guinea has of a sport that is considered the nation’s national sport.

In the days leading towards the match, PMV’s and Taxis drive around with their team’s flag insecurely attached to the roof, team posters are plastered on the side and back while others out on the street paint faces or sell mostly unofficial merchandisers.

The support is just so incredible the royal wedding viewership is easily surpassed on the nation’s television station EMTV.

When they say “State against State” or “Mate against Mate”, there’s every truth in that not just on the field but off it especially those in their lounge several thousand miles away from Suncorp Stadium.

And with all this buzz, Papua New Guinea continues to live up to its slogan “The Land of the Unexpected”. Some say State of Origin “hype”, others say “fever” but really it’s madness.

We say “madness” because the passion is just too much, it can boil over to unnecessary practices, injuries and damages.

So here’s a list of 10 things we think why this game is labelled “madness” by us:

You know you’re a mad PNG State of Origin supporter when:

  1. You stick your team’s photo at the back of your car
  2. You have an argument with your best mate about the game a few days before the match
  3. You won’t catch a bus that supports the opposing team
  4. You’re illiterate but you still buy the paper featuring the State of Origin match
  5. You wear Maroon or Blue shirt to work on the day of the match and wear that same shirt the next day if your team wins
  6. You don’t go to work the next day because you’re “recovering” from last night’s loss
  7. You visit the emergency ward during the match and find yourself with other patients in either blue or maroon jerseys receiving treatment for injuries sustained while watching the match
  8. You make sure you got enough cans in the fridge on the night of the match
  9. You start looking to buy a new television set the day after the match
  10. You jump up in joy when your team scores only to hit your head against the ceiling fan





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