A Letter By A Princess – RIP Waerisa

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She was only 25 by but girl had something so unique her writing made us laugh, made us realise the reality we live in and spoke the truth. This was evident in her letters to Prince Harry.

Rest In Peace Cleopatra Waerisa Kolta.

#Letter8 by Waerisa

Dear Prince Harry

Where do I start? Honest me sem eh.. longtime me no woklo write kam long you..
But hey I understand that you are somewhat busy with that new actress girlfriend so me less lo disturb..(me no disla kain needy type nambaut eh, planti wok pulap lo haus na garden so me too busy na stap). Im never jealous of girlfriends because mipla olgeta save olsem disla newpla girlfriend blo you ya (or should I say mama meri friend) is already a one time divorcee so me less lo busy nambaut.. em inap you too man too ya you ken play golgol nambaut na stap yet na bihain yumi stretim toktok…. Everyday you go resa stap na resa too poret lo katim you nae m go blunt eh please traim na malolo liklik lo sait blo resaness.

Basically me gim yutla space na me too busy lo hausline. Coffee season but coffee too no karim gut na mipla sot liklik lo koble lo putim brideprice blo missis queen bee blo nala big bats eh (me tok lo ol kain meri nambaut sa waitim man lo pickim coffee so ol ken go skellim na baim finger polish na eye pencil nambaut eh). They say the world commodity prices have dropped so mipla work tapak nambaut lo pickim coffee so some posh coffee shops in Port Moresby can charge K10 for one toy pinono anis coffee cup while we sell our dried coffee at around K5 per kg..the stuggle is real here but mipla no sa busy. So long as mipla salim coffee na kisim sampla coins blo cooking oil na gris na salt na soap na kerosene blo lamp and we are happy people. Na too taim blo election so mipla bungim kandis kas lo ol election campaign haus na stap.. kain taim eh taim blo ol giaman lida lo playim money so mipla wait chol lo kaikai lampflaps na drink tea.. otherwise we know who we will vote.

But honest meh harim disla chol eh, my country for the first time scored a FIFA goal.. yes eh.. we finally scored a goal even though we lost. The news is we were proud hosts for the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup PNG 2016 na ol stadium facilties blo mipla em olsem 5-star hotel. We are rich but I wish I could say the same about our hospital facilities. Recently nala sister blo mipla been die lo Goroka Hausik long wonem cancer treatment blo mipla long kantri ino stap lo standard stret. So you see I will not chase after you because I have my own country to worry about.. Bihain nambaut yumi ken unaitim kingdom blo mitla nambaut…

Meh na sas price blo coffee na copra go antap liklik ba me diggim kaukau nambaut na tromoi lo baksait blo ol shark lo sait blo DOY Ailan na ba mipla kam lusim blo yupla chol lo gate blo Buckingham na takes come bek. Ol shark too nogat passport so mipla stretim ol paper pastem mipla ba come. Nogut ol Somalian pirates too robbim mipla so mipla ba kisim was yet na shortcut shortcut nambaut na kamap lo ap..well it may be hard for us get a job outside our country but sas yupla la come lo PNG meh packim scrum na come, ol wantok blo mipla lo china na phillipines sa pulapim balus na come lo em sandin eh yupla come.

Mi toktok planti na Megabyte la pinis eh, you too nambaut toktok na stap eh, you no carving eh,, meikim noise olsem Tavurvir na stap..Look I gotta get back to business.. tax too ba increase so I gotta figure out a market plan or nogut ol kaukau me shipping lo Goroka come lo Gordon’s market ba waste nating..

Ogei, tatarings na bungim you lo IBS.. AH sorry I mean when I see you..

Love and Regards

PS.. Me no bin save olsem ol pig sa bark too but I just heard of a palace called Barking Ham or something like that……Please clarify na mi ba lainim ol pik blo mipla lo hausline lo bark too..cheers mate