Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation Premiers “Senisim Pasin” Documentary and launch of Culture Change Campaign addressing Gender Based Violence across Papua New Guinea.

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Senisim Pasin Campaign to be implemented across Papua New Guinea beginning in 2016 and is in strategic alliance with the National Strategy for Responsible Sustainable Development

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, December 9, 2015: This evening marked the official launch of the national campaign by the Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation (“Tribal Foundation”), a PNG NGOO, addressing gender based violence with the premier of the “Senisim Pasin” film at Paradise Cinema, Visition City.  A significant group of guests from all sectors including government, private business, churches, NGO’s and development partners were in attendance for this momentous event.

The Senisim Pasin film and campaign have been in production by the Tribal Foundation and its partner, Global Virtual Studio, for nearly 2 years.  Tribal Foundation has spent approximately one (1) million Kina on the production of the documentary and the development of the campaign.  Initial funding was generously provided by the Porgera Remediation Framework Assocition.  Funding was also provided by the National Strategy for Responsible Sustainable Development when Senisim Pasin was adopted as part of the national strategy.

“Senisim Pasin” (Change Your Ways) is a Hollywood quality film produced in “grassroots style” with PNG participants and created entirely in Tok Pisin.  The documentary highlights the value women add to society by telling stories of women who are leaders, who have overcome obstacles, and who have varied accomplishments.  Also highlighted are men who are forward thinking and believe in the value women bring to PNG.   The film takes a positive and respectful approach to the subject and invites all to be part of the solution.

Attendees of the premier were also treated to a preview of the Senisim Pasin national campaign, which includes numerous components: the showing of the documentary and a call to action –  where the audience was invited to participate in being part of the change.  Other components of the campaign include conflict resolution/communication tools for all citizens, ongoing education and connectivity to community resources, and the development of a Legal Counsel.  The Legal Counsel will be a group of volunteer attorneys dedicated to assisting to prosecute perpetrators of gender based violence and sorcery killings.

The Senisim Pasin film and national campaign is targeted to conduct approximately 9,000 showings and community engagement events over the next three years.  Senisim Pasin has already attracted the attention of regional groups and organizations from other Pacific Island communities such as Solomon Islands and Fiji, who have indicated a desire to have the campaign implemented across their countries as well.

According to Dr. Jane Thomason, CEO, Abt, JTA,  “Mesmerising! Incredible cinematography combined with a powerful upbrat message left me feeling incredibly motivated to get behind the film and its message and take it to all corners of PNG.”

Also announced at the premier was a partnership between the US Embassy and the Tribal Foundation.  United States Ambassador Walter North announced that the 2016 PNG Women’s Forum would be presented with the Tribal Foundation.  The 2016 PNG Women’s Forum will be held in April in Port Moresby.  Last year, over 500 women from across PNG attended the various forum events.  Registration for the 2016 PNG Women’s Forum is still open.  Women interested in attending the Forum shold contact the US Embassy.

For more information about the Senisim Pasin Campaign, go to the or visit the Senisim Pasin Facebook Page.

The VIP Premier screening of Senisim Pasin was a success. We will post more pictures soon but here is a little of the flavor.

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