NCDC Clamps Down on Untidy Premises

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The NCDC is moving to clampdown on offending premises in particular shop owners and owners of property who fail to keep their premises neat and tidy.


This is the primary objective of the “Premises Cleanliness” program which started yesterday following concerns that shop owners and residents are neglecting health requirements on general cleanliness of shop fronts and residential areas.


This concern was reiterated by Chief Health Surveyor Isowa More as the scrutiny on cleanliness of premises got underway in the city.


Mr. More and his team of health and environment inspectors took to the streets yesterday as part of the NCDC Health division’s ‘premises cleanliness program’ targeting shops and residential areas.


Mr. More said NCDC is concerned about the general cleanliness of the city caused by the irresponsible attitude of the public and the negligence of owners of shops and residence for the upkeep of the tidiness of the premises.


He stressed “it is a requirement under the Public Health Act (Sanitation and General) Chapter 226 of Independent State of Papua New Guinea. Therefore, all owners of shops and property are advised to clean and tidy the frontage and backyard of the shop and residence at all times.


“It is your (owners) responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the business premises and residence at all times,” he warned.


Among the areas inspected included Taurama Foodland, Malaoro, Vision City and areas along the Holiday Inn Hotel. All parts of the city will be covered under this exercise.


Owners were issued notices highlighting the requirements for cleaner premises and further for their co – operation and support for a cleaner city as the underlying objective.


Senior Environment and Health officers Madrias Lega and Mathew Lava who led the program expressed similar concern that owners of shops and property are “willingly neglecting their responsibilities on maintaining cleanliness of the property.”


As off yesterday several shops were put on notice to improve on their cleanliness and relevant penalties will be charged accordingly if no improvement is made within the given 14 days period.


The requirement of the Public Health Act relating to cleanliness of premises extends to the physical appearance of the premises and those in need of a fresh coat of paint and revamp deteriorating signboards were notified to do so as is required.


The Premises Cleanliness inspection exercise is all part of the overall plans of NCDC to fully prepare the city in readiness for the hosting of the 2015 Pacific Games.


Source: NCDC website