Klinim Mosbi Campaign concludes after action-packed weeks of educational interventions

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The inaugural Klinim Mosbi Campaign concluded on Sunday 20th November after five action-packed weeks of educational interventions and volunteer clean-up activities across Port Moresby.

An initiative delivered by Sustainable Coastlines PNG (SCPNG) in partnership with NCDC’s Waste Management Division, the campaign saw educators visit communities, businesses, organisations and schools to deliver education about the impact of plastic products on human health and the environment.

In total across the 5 weeks since the campaign began, 9,881 residents attended the educational initiatives as a part of the city-wide roadshow, which featured the theatre group D2C, dance crew the Buck Souljaz, artwork by Kreativ Kanaka and educators from SC PNG and Team PNG as well as awareness by a number of NCDC divisions.

“These results clearly show that people of all ages engage really well with this theatrical and interactive style of education. Education needs to be fun and people need to feel inspired that their individual daily decisions significantly contribute to change”, says Ryley Webster from SC PNG.


Alongside delivering educational initiatives 37 individual groups participated in volunteer clean-up activities removing an impressive 94,964litres (12,050 kg’s) of harmful waste from the streets, coastlines and communities of Port Moresby.

NCDC Waste Management Division Manager Joshua Sam explained “People all over the city are showing that they care, that they want to live in a clean and healthy city and they are willing to be involved for the right reasons. This campaign is just the start of our commitment to delivering programmes that support residents who are taking responsibility.”
The rubbish collected during the clean-up activity has been taken to Nature Park where Eco Services Ltd. and UPNG Environmental Science students are collecting data on the composition of waste picked up in the various locations across the city. The detailed data will be released to the public by the end of this month.

“This campaign is a great example of the effectiveness of collaboration” said Mr Webster. “This issue cannot be addressed by solely one organisation or division, it’s going to take everyone, everywhere doing their little bit. We look forward to having even more local groups, schools and caring corporates on board with the campaign next year”.

The 2016 Klinim Mosbi Campaign wishes to acknowledge the support of principal partner, NCDC, and sponsors BSP, Concept Group, Kreativ Kanaka, Total Waste Management, Rait FM, Eco Services Ltd., Nature Park, Tent Manufacturers, Team PNG, Ocean Events and UPNG.