Hundreds to participate BSP Clean-up Day

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Clean up at Carr

Thousands of students across Papua New Guinea, Tonga and Samoa will participate in the 2015 BSP Go Green Annual School Clean Up this Friday November 20th.

In Port Moresby, BSP Brand Ambassador, Ryan Pini, MBE, will lead the clean-up with Bavaroko Primary School students.

The event is primarily focused on education and action. We teach children to be responsible and we lead them on a clean-up of their community and provide GO GREEN clean up, bags, gloves, and merchandise to support. The theme for Go Green is ‘Recycle, Reuse, Respect’.

For 2015, Fiji has completed their Clean up event in September while the Cook Islands conducted theirs last Friday November 13th.

Solomon Islands will host their event on Saturday November 28th.

BSP is proud to be a part of the community and will continue to promote the Go Green message to encourage communities and children to respect and keep our streets litter free.

The reward for everyone will be a cleaner community and students will learn to be more responsible in caring for the environment.

This event started in 2010 throughout PNG, Fiji and the Solomon Islands, while 2015 is the inaugural year for Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga.

BSP has an on-going Go Green calendar, which includes supporting schools and community groups in clean-up activities.





BSP is a major commercial banking and finance group across PNG, Solomon Islands and Fiji, with assets of approximately PGK16 billion (USD 6.4 billion) representing approximately 38% of loans and 49% of deposits across those markets respectively. In July 2015, BSP successfully purchased Westpac Operations in Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga.

In PNG, the BSP Group holds approximately 50% market share in both loans and deposits.  With a significant presence in PNG, Fiji and Solomon Islands, BSP’s growth potential has always been likely to come from acquisition or line-of-business investment opportunities.

BSP views itself as a major PNG and South Pacific banking and finance entity, with a strong regional business, and has pursued a diversification and expansion strategy, to seek out both geographic and business line opportunities of economic size and merit.


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