Fincorp Lends a Hand to Cheshire Disability Centre

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Finance Corporation Limited a non banking institution in Papua New Guinea through its Social Club has lent a helping hand to Cheshire Disability Centre in Papua New Guinea.

Much needed cleaning materials were handed over last weekend to the charity organisation.

The support also included a cleanathon where staff members got their hands dirty cleaning around the centre.  This is part of the Social Club’s community engagement program and certainly a very helpful and worthy one too.

The donation included food, cleaning materials and detergents were donated as well as pack lunch on the day.

In its social media Facebook page, the company thanked its Managing Director, the Executive Managers of FinCorp and the members of FinCorp Social Club for their support in making the event a success.

And on an even brighter news, the club is looking at more ways to incorporate its social events with community engagement programs.  What a wonderful way to keep active, collaborate with staff outside of work and most importantly helping those who need it most.

Well done Fincorp Social Club!  Keep it Up.

Here are some of the photos taken on the day.

Source: Fincorp FB Page

Source: Fincorp FB Page
Source: Fincorp FB Page