ExxonMobil PNG Limited and PNG Tribal Foundation Deliver Medical Containers to Four Hospitals With Help of Mrs. Lynda Babao O’Neill

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Port Moresby: ExxonMobil PNG Limited (EMPNG) and local  Non-Government Organisation (NGO) Papua  New Guinea Tribal Foundation  met with the CEOs of Port Moresby General Hospital and Angau Memorial Hospital to review medical supplies and equipment that have been donated to the hospitals through a joint  effort  funded by EMPNG.

Two forty  foot containers full of medical supplies and  equipment were each delivered to the Port Moresby General Hospital and Angau Memorial Hospital this year.

The medical goods were shipped from the United States by Tribal Foundation’s longtime partner Project C.U.R.E who had also sourced and packed the supplies.
CEO of Port Moresby General Hospital, Grant Muddle, and his team have been working hard
to improve the service of PNG’s largest hospital and the medical supplies have helped boost  their efforts.

Grant Muddle says, “This assistance from ExxonMobil and PNG Tribal Foundation have been
very helpful to our efforts at Port Moresby General Hospital where the supplies have already
been put to good use.”

tribal_1The medical supplies in Lae were primarily for the Children’s Ward and included much needed consumables as well as equipment like incubators for premature babies.

CEO for Angau Hospital Chris Kenyhercz said, “The support given to Angau Hospital by ExxonMobil PNG and the PNG Tribal Foundation is incredibly appreciated as we strive to serve
the people of Lae and those who come to our hospital from around PNG.”

EMPNG funded the delivery of the four medical containers as part of its efforts to support communities to have better access to health care in PNG.

Andrew Barry, EMPNG’s Managing Director said EMPNG is committed to investing  in sustainable health projects in PNG to help address the health challenges in the country.

“It is partnerships like this with PNG Tribal Foundation, Project C.U.R.E and the hospitals
that will drive positive development and we believe that this relationship will continue as
we work together to bring about change and improved livelihoods to the people of PNG,” said
Mr Barry.


The first  medical container  was  donated  to  Tari  Hospital in  2015 and another medical
container is scheduled to be delivered to  Daru Hospital in December.

Funding for  the  four  medical  containers  came from a  fundraising  event that  was held
in Denver, Colorado in  2014,  called  the First Ladies Luncheon  where  Mrs. Lynda Babao
O’Neill spoke  to  1,200  business and community  leaders.  Besides raising  enough funds
for the  medical  containers,  the  event  was  historic  in  that  it  was  the first time the wife
of a  PNG  Prime  Minister  was  the  keynote  speaker at such  a  significant  international

GT Bustin,  PNG  Tribal  Foundation’s  President  said,  “In  addition to  the  humanitarian aspect it  was  a  big  step forward for  the  women of PNG  and has been
inspirational to  girls  across  PNG  who  have  big dreams for  themselves.”

“EMPNG’s support  not  only  enabled  us  to provide a  significant  amount of medical supplies  around  the  country  at  an  important  time, but it  had also
created a  high  profile  opportunity  where  a  woman from PNG was  featured.

Mrs.  O’Neill  delivered  a  powerful  speech  about  the  beauty and challenges  in PNG and
people in  Colorado  were  delighted,” said  Mr Bustin.

The PNG  Tribal  Foundation  thanked  EMPNG  for  their  support  in  making the First Ladies
Luncheon a  reality  and  also  thanked  logistic  partners  Boroko Rotary, Consort Shipping,
and Riback  Stevedores  for  their  assistance with the delivery  of  the  containers.

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