BSP Supports Trash to Treasure Sculpture Festival as Naming Rights Sponsors

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BSP PNG | Bank South Pacific (BSP) has committed K40, 000 to the Port Moresby Nature Park as naming rights sponsors of the 2020 BSP Trash to Treasure Sculpture Festival in Port Moresby.

The festival emphasises on creating sculptures made of solid wastes from tins, bottles, rubber and plastics collected around the city.

As part of the banks GO Green campaign, BSP is pleased to confirm the support as naming partner to support the initiative that fosters an understanding of environmental issues and provide practical support to building sustainable communities.

“BSP recognises the environmental issues faced and is committed to finding ways to reduce any negative impact and enhance measures taken to conserve the environment we live in,” said BSP Corporate Sponsorship Manager, Amelia Minnopu when presenting the cheque to Port Moresby Nature Park’s General Manager, Michelle McGeorge.

 “We also support similar courses not only in PNG but in other South Pacific Island countries where we operate in; including the School Beautification Project, World Environment Day, World Earth Day and the major annual event, the BSP Go Green school cleanup Campaign,” said Ms Minnopu

Ms McGeorge thanked BSP for the continued support saying,” BSP Trash to Treasure Sculpture Festival aims at educating local audiences about the issue of plastic pollution through extensive park signage and larger than life sculptures made from solid waste collected throughout Port Moresby.

McGeorge added that, “This year, 2020, the Festival will also include a separately sponsored Schools Competition, expanding our educational reach beyond the park. The program will also include cycling drives with businesses and schools in order to source suitable rubbish and also be weekend activities.”

The second BSP Trash to Treasure Sculpture Festivalis schedule from 4th July  to 30th august 2020.



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