BSP Launches #BlackThursdays Campaign

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BSP  launched its #BlackThursdays campaign today and joins a call to action by CIMC Family and Sexual Violence Committee to be a part of the global movement.

BSP staff will wear black every Thursday for the month of July starting tomorrow (Thursday 2nd July 2020). The aim is to spread awareness on Family, Sexual and Gender Based Violence in homes and communities.

In launching the campaign, BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming stated:

“At BSP we join others to amplify the message that we stand in solidarity with every survivor, to resist and change attitudes and practices that permit rape, violence and injustice. We will support initiatives and dialogue that promote human rights and justice for the victims of family and sexual violence and gender based violence”.

He went on to say:

“We strongly feel that it is our moral obligation to provide support to our staff who are victims or survivors of family and sexual violence in providing a safer and more supportive organisational climate”.

Family and sexual violence is one such spectrum of violence being perpetrated in homes, families and communities by loved ones that is debilitating to many who are the victims and survivors – men, women and children.

For many, the violence they suffer is unheard or unseen, and therefore unknown and it may take years for them to build the courage to do something about the violence they are victims of or even speak to someone about it.

General Manager Human Resources, Hari Rabura said: “#BlackThursdays will give voice to many victims and if anything this campaign’s positive and reaffirming messages to those suffering in silence tells them loud and clear that we care and that we will support them.” She further added that violence walks in through the doors of every workplace and robs staff of their dignity and their health and these issues hide in the darkness until we bring it to light.

Another strong advocate, General Manager Digital, Nuni Kulu said: “I stand in support of #BlackThursdays to be a change agent to stop GBV because it is the right thing to do. We all are responsible for the change starting at home and as professionals and as responsible corporate citizens.”

In recognising the need to provide a safe organisational environment for BSP Staff, the BSP Chief has played an active and integral part in setting up of Bel isi PNG since 2014 and he continues to do so in his capacity as the co-chair of Bel isi PNG Steering Committee. Bel isi PNG is an innovative public, private and civil society partnership to address family and sexual violence.

 In May 2019, BSP undertook another incredibly challenging and socially ambitious initiative and launched its first Group Family & Sexual Violence Policy.



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