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The PNG company with the best customer service on twitter

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We’ve contacted various companies on their social media accounts every time we have a problem in respect of a product or service they provide.  Those individuals that administer the company accounts either take too long or worse they don’t reply at all.  It’s really frustrating.

While many Papua New Guineans do use Facebook, it’s one of the social media networks we’ve seen that’s not very customer friendly for those companies who have a presence there.

But we’re going to give a big thumbs up to one company that’s so customer friendly they stand out above the rest.  That company’s Twitter account is by far the best we’ve come across.  You raise a query and they’ll respond in a few minutes or if it’s after hours early the next day.  Even if they can’t answer your query instantly, they will acknowledge your message and tell you to give them time while they check with their technical staff.

If you have any phone, SIM or other technical queries with Digicel and can’t get through their customer service on the phone, get them on Twitter.  We actually don’t know how many people administer the account but they are so efficient it puts a smile on our face every time we throw a question at them.

For Papua New Guineans, Twitter isn’t that popular and that’s probably a good thing for many of us that are already there.  There’s less clutter and more often than not, the engagements are usually positive and educational.

Check Digicel on Twitter here.

As a disclaimer, we haven’t been paid by Digicel to write this up. No way.  We’re just honest about our experiences and hope we can help you in the event you have problems relating to your phone or SIM.