The Helium is a Helluva Laptop for Small Business

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If you run a small business whether it be online or offline, this new gadget that’s just hit the market might be the one you’ve waiting for to boost your business.  We’ve just recently bought one and running an online business with the help of this beaut of a product is working wonders.  Want to know more, read on…

The new Lava Helium 14 that has recently hit the shelves at all City Pharmacy outlets is turning out to be a real investment.


Firstly, it’s lightweight.  You can basically carry it around and work mobile.  Many laptops are getting lighter in weight, but the Helium is ultra light it’s like you’re carrying a tablet around with you. To be more specific on the weight, it actually weighs 1.45kg.  You certainly don’t need to pack muscles to carry this gadget.

Extra thin

Like we said earlier, it’s like carrying a laptop.  And it is indeed extra thin which means you can slide it in your bag and won’t take up a lot of space.  More space for your other necessary stuff.


Despite the thinness of the product, it has enough storage space.  The Helium comes with 32GB of storage expandable up to a whopping 128GB via SD card memory.


It’s a pretty slick laptop and comes in colours grey and purple. We chose the purple because it looks more slicker than any other ones we’ve seen.

Not just for work

The Helium has a 1080p resolution on its 14′ HD display screen.  It has a 16:9 aspect ratio so you can imagine the quality of the image which gives a more richer, crispier and fuller viewing experience.  Watch movies, play games or whatever you like during your off days, the Helium provides a real entertaining experience.


Despite the thinness and its size, the keyboards are more spacious in between making typing more certain and easier.  You know how the keys in some laptops are so close it’s easy to press the wrong key, well the Helium is a little spread out.  But not too spread out so you don’t need to run from one corner of the room to other just to punch a key hahah!



Like many of you, price is important. This one comes at K899, yes you heard correct K899, at City Pharmacy outlets. No further comments!!!

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