The Corporate ‘Puse-Puse’

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Local boutique intellectual property law firm Vai IP has introduced an unique gift idea for their corporate gift project for this coming festive season. The Corporate ‘Puse-Puse’ as Vai IP calls it is their version of a corporate gift bag but as Vai IP explains it’s more than a gift bag.

“The Puse Puse is part of our end of year corporate gift project. We typically send Greetings Cards but this year we decided to be a little different. More unique and satisfying about this project is that materials were sourced from Kokopo through Anette Sete of LAVAGIRL fame and the bags were sewn in the homes of three talented women from Elevala and Hanuabada Village: Maggie Rei, Hane Bau and Geua Kamea” said Vai IP Principal, Mea Vai.

So just exactly what is the “Puse Puse”?

It’s a Motuan word for a small hand bag or pouch. More commonly used by ladies as a mini hand bag but can be used for anything that can fit into it.

Vai IP expects to make a total of 200 to cater for its clients around the world.

“90% of our client base is overseas so the bags which feature unique Papua New Guinea designs will be distributed globally and it’s such a wonderful feeling to know that the work of local women will ‘travel the world’ so to speak. We invested in them and likewise they contributed to us investing in our own business through this one of a kind project” Vai explains.

But it wasn’t just the people behind it that makes the “Puse Puse” unique. The message the Puse Puse sends to the world is, as Annette Sete stated, “next level”!

“Each bag has our business card and the “Thank you” Card. We’ve included a GR code on the back of the cards so on scanning the code, the recipient will be taken to our website which will explain each of the features on the bag like what it is and what it means to us as Papua New Guineans. Kind of like educating our customers about where we’re from and who we are”.

The Thank you cards which included the QR Code were designed and printed by a village based printing business, D-Ten Printing.

Interested in having your own?

If you are interested in having the Puse Puse to be included as part of your Christmas Gift idea or looking at how it can be customized for your marketing purpose, complete the form below.