Getting an SME Bank Account Made Easy

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If you are looking at getting an SME Bank Account, Vai Virtual Consulting’s Business Account Package for SME’s might just be the quickest way to open an account. And may we add – all from the comfort of your home or office.

For a BSP it is all done virtually and there is no need to visit the bank or worse stand in the long queues in the sweltering hot and humid PNG conditions.

The process is pretty simple.

You visit the Vai Virtual website and click the Bank Account Product within their online shop. Go through the payment process and on successful checkout, you’ll get downloadable files of the instructions and applications to complete and submit to Vai Virtual Consulting who will act on your behalf with the bank to open the account.

The service is much needed under current circumstances where gatherings are being limited to 20 or less and more generally for safety and health reasons.

Visit the website here to open an account.