Innovation PNG Awards Announced

  • The inaugural Innovation PNG 2019 Awards were announced at today’s Innovation PNG 2019 conference at The Stanley hotel in Port Moresby.

    An initiative of the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Business Advantage International, the Awards were created to celebrate and encourage innovation in PNG business, government and other organisations.

    The Innovation PNG Awards received 33 entries from 29 organisations. The entries were notable for their imagination, quality and variety.

    They covered industries as diverse as agribusiness, manufacturing, telecommunications, tourism, education, technology, mining, infrastructure, engineering and financial services.

    They covered all kinds of innovation, from the development of new products and services, to new technology such as software, innovative marketing ideas and adapting offshore solutions to PNG conditions.

    Some ideas were well-funded by large organisations; others were passion projects with no funding at all.

    All the entries showed a commendable focus on solving a specific PNG problem, and a willingness to try new ways of doing things in order to solve it.

    Congratulations to every one who entered.

    While it was only possible to select two winners – one small (under 10 employees) and one larger organisation (over 10 employees) – several entries merited special mention.

    ‘Ones to watch’

    Several entries showed sufficient promise and potential to make the judges consider them ‘ones to watch’ for the future.

    These included:

    • TIPA Innovations from the Trobriand Islands, for their Smart Bricks, which are made from cheap, locally-available resources
    • Siale Travel and Tours, for their reservations and ticketing system for small travel agents
    • Rural Tech Development, for their Internet of Things ecosystem in Port Moresby and robotics program
    • D’jest Investment Ltd t/a Tumbuna TV, for their mobile TV app

    Special commendations

    A few entries deserve a special commendation for their impressive innovation.

    These include:

    • Outspan PNG, for their deployment of a tech-driven system to collect and analyse information on PNG’s smallholder farmers
    • ICTSI South Pacific Ltd, for their digital transformation project, which has the potential to greatly improve terminal operations in PNG
    • Huon Birding, for their birdwatching camp on the Huon Peninsula in Morobe Province.

    After much discussion and deliberation, the Judging Panel, chaired by Peter Williams, Chief Edge Officer, Deloitte Centre for The Edge,decided upon the following two winners. Our congratulations to both winners.





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