Ilimo to the Rescue with Fresh Milk

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In the last 10 days Ilimo Farm has received a call out from retailers, bakeries and caterers, saying that there is a shortage of imported fresh cream resulting from disruption of overseas supply chains due to the global lock downs.


“Though fresh cream was on the “drawing table” as a future product we did not plan to launch it just yet, however the call out from the market is that it is needed now” Said Gallit Tamir, Business Development Manager of Innovative Agro Industry Ltd.


“With our cows providing excellent quality milk, we are able to produce excellent quality fresh cream.”


“We immediately tasked ourselves to respond to the market demand, the challenge was to assemble a processing line, and by working round the clock this was accomplished in incredible speed.


The product is awesome and received excellent reviews from chefs around town and it will be available from tomorrow, Thursday the 9th of April, at first in limited quantities to institutional clients and major retailers.”