Gelato Ice Cream in Port Moresby

  • The word “Gelato” in Italian literally means “frozen” but it is commonly used as another word for Italian ice cream.  What makes this ice cream different to the usual ice cream is the rich, dense and smooth texture of the cream.  It’s low in fat but high in sugar and tends to have a lot more flavouring to it giving it a density and richness that distinguishes it from other ice creams.

    The first time we ever came across this gelato ice cream was at the Fu Gui restaurant at Waigani.  While they do have a limited range of flavours the ice creams are indeed Gelato.

    A new business set up recently at Vision City Mega Mall that is selling only gelato ice cream is creating a lot of buzz with shoppers passing by to have a taste of this “new” ice cream. Unsurprisingly, the name of this outlet is Italian Gelato.

    If you ever get a chance to visit Vision City, you’ll see a crowd hovering over the counter to get a glimpse of the different flavours on offer.  There’s the traditional vanilla gelato, passionfruit, watermelon, pineapple and more.  They certainly have a lot more flavours than what you can get at the Fu Gui Restaurant.

    Customers have a choice of being served the gelato in either a sundae cup or the waffle cones.  For those that love the gelato so much, you can have a double scoop or four scoops and it doesn’t have to be the same flavour – mix them up if you want.

    The texture is a little like whipped cream but with a more rich flavour that can either be fruity or nutty.

    Costs of the gelato is between K5 to K20 depending on whether it comes in a cup or cone and of course the number of scoops.

    And finally the service is pretty good although we witnessed at times that due to the high demand from customers, the staff tended to get a little frustrated in taking customer orders.

    Let us know if you’ve ever tried this new joint and do tell us your experience.





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