Elegantly Setting The Scene

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Anyone who has ever been given the responsibility of organizing an event will tell you just how difficult it is to plan and execute.  It’s even more problematic if you have no clue at all as to how to go about it.  That’s where event organizers and planners come into play – to help you plan and execute your event according to your theme and goals for hosting the event.

Event planners can be as detailed as you want them to be.  In fact, it really comes down to your budget.  That’s not to say that the lower your budget the more shoddier the service you’ll get.  Quite the opposite, they’ll make sure that they’re flexible enough to squeeze that extra feature in to make sure you’re more than satisfied with the outcome.

One family found out recently that an up and coming event planning business was so flexible to work around their budget the end result felt like they’d spent thousands of Kina for the entire decorations at the reception venue for the wedding.

Peter Natera and his crew at Elegants Events & Fashion Specialists did a spectacular job at the recent wedding of Jason and Konio Wong.  Considering the budget, the time constraints and the fact that this was a very busy time of the year for them, the local SME knocked a setting to remember.

It’s quite hard to describe in detail what they did but pictures don’t lie, right?  So here are some of the pictures taken by another exciting SME business in the photography industry Silversoul Studios.