Chicken Farming for East Sepik

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East Sepik Province is about to commence an ambitious chicken farming project in the next couple of weeks.

Their local member of Parliament, Hon. Richard Maru, in a Facebook posting announced the switching on of lights to the chicken shed and the completion of testing at the farm at Huaripmo, Sepik Plains.

“This is part of the requirement to ensure we are ready to start our Chicken Farm at Huaripmo” said Minister Maru.

Several pictures were posted by the Member to give a visual look at the facility.

“Our first chickens – both layers and broilers – arrive in the farm in two weeks time. So this month in July we finally start chicken farming and processing by going into the production phase as we end the past 12 months of construction” said the Minister.

It’s a significant milestone for the Province as it looks to producing its own chicken and eggs in large commercial volumes to supply not just its own Province but to the entire nation.

The response has been overwhelming and some pleasantly surprised.

A Mrs Zeuronoc congratulated the Minister quite succinctly.

“your vision and passion for economic, social and spiritual development for your people is next to none. You persevered, amidst criticism, and now your people will reap the benefits . May Anutu continue to shield you, and grant you the wisdom to reach greater heights. #Wokmasgoyet