BSP EFTPoS Terminals Accepts NFC Payments

  • Bank South Pacific is pleased to announce that, its EFTPoS devices are equipped to accept payments via Near Field Communication (NFC) Mobile Payment service.

    NFC technology gives customers the option to carry out contactless payments through the use of wearables, such as a watch, or payments via the wave of your smart phone over point of sale terminal (EFTPoS).

    There is a wireless data transfer between the device and point of sale terminal (EFTPoS), providing an elevated customer payment solution.

    The enhancement to BSP’s EFTPoS payment capabilities was demonstrated today, by BSP’s Retail General Manager, Mr Paul Thornton who made a purchase via a BSP EFTPoS device through the use of his smart watch.

    BSP Retail General Manager, Mr Paul Thornton did a purchase via a BSP EFTPoS device through the use of his smart watch

    “This technology is used worldwide, and with BSP’s EFTPoS enhance capability, the payment method can now be used on BSP’s devices ensuring ease of payments and swift  response,” said Mr Thornton.

    BSP is focused on delivering improved customer experience by anticipating market needs and aligning our infrastructure and systems accordingly. The bank is confident that the contactless technology will help pave way for more usage of the EFTPoS terminals in PNG.



    Bank South Pacific (BSP) is an iconic and unique bank in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific, recognised for its strong commitment to the region.  We are a major commercial banking and finance group with assets of approximately PGKK23.050 billion

    BSP has the largest branch network in Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu with sub branches and agents in rural locations. The BSP Group employs 4,000+ people across the Pacific and proudly supports the communities that we operate in, through Community Projects, Sports, Education, Health, Culture and Financial Literacy.

    Our branch network is complemented by electronic banking networks that can meet the banking needs of all customers wherever we operate.

    • 80+ Branches
    • 13 Premium Service Centres
    • 40+  Sub Branches
    • 590++ Agents
    • 520+ + ATMs
    • 13,000+ EFTPoS

    We’re proud of our whole of bank capabilities whereby our teams in Corporate, Retail, Paramount and Treasury are able to provide solutions to our clients, drawing on our capabilities and broad presence. This capability is unmatched by our competitors.  PNG and the Pacific is our home. We have knowledge, history, experience and a commitment to the region that other financial institutes cannot offer.



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