Board Game Advertising – An Unique Way To Promote Your Brand

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Keeping ahead of your competitors is one of the main goals of business owners in  order to stay in business and be successful.  The advertising market in PNG has shifted from traditional advertising such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television to now online and even more rapidly social media.

Innovation is a key factor to be competitive and that applies to advertising too.  That is why this recent medium we came across caught our attention.  Welcome to Property Owner – unique board game similar to Monopoly with the added opportunity for advertises to plaster their brand on the allotted advertising spaces on the board.

It’s a Monopoly type board game but redefined to make it more relevant and appealing to the local audience.  For example, on Property Owners you will see bilum, buai, lakatoi and the often hazardous PMV’s scattered on the board.

Property Owner is expected to hit the store shelves this Xmas but there’s still some space for businesses to use this form of media to impose their brand in this fun and popular board game.

If your business is interested, fly us an email at

In the meantime, see some of the pics below.  Note the original name was Landowners but now changed to Property Owner. Property Owner is an initiative of Media Partners.