2020 Digital Marketing Opportunities – BE SEEN!

We have a limited number of partnership opportunities coming on Skerah.  At Skerah, we don’t believe in just having your banner up on our site – we go that extra mile to ensure that not only are you seen in the hottest places online we ensure that our audience get to interact with your brand.

Opportunities from web banner advertising, social media marketing, publication of your media releases on our website and personalised e-news marketing are just some of the ways we get our exclusive partners to benefit from a partnership with Skerah.

Even if you don’t have the time to be active on social media, we can add a little buzz to ensure your customers know you’re still kicking it!

Interested for a brochure email us on



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  1. Hi Skerah,

    I write to express NDB’s interest with advertising in your website.
    Please provide us information on how we can go about to secure a space in your website.


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