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About Us

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Skerah is an online publication dedicated to promoting Papua New Guinea business, tourism and culture.  We are passionate about Papua New Guinea and use the internet and in particular social media as a medium to get our message across.

Found in 2007, Skerah has gone on to become one of Papua New Guinea’s leading websites focussed on the positive side of Papua New Guinea yet being honest about the realities of life in Papua New Guinea.

Having operated for over  5 years now, we have accumulated a good following of over 32,000 members through our social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

Whilst we have endeavoured to do our best to promote Papua New Guinea, we have also endeavoured to venture on to the world outside to see what the world has to offer Papua New Guinea.  Travel is also our passion and we would like to provide opportunities the world offers through our own experiences and that of our friends so that Papua New Guineans can also learn from the world to learn and improve their own lifestyles.

Business, culture, lifestyle, travel and communities our articles are education, entertaining as well as engaging.

We hope you will find this site enjoyable and do not hesitate if you have any queries on this site or Papua New Guinea. If we can’t answer your question, we’ll do our best to get someone who can.

Welcome to Skerah, welcome to Papua New Guinea.

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