Strumming Away in Rarotonga

Strumming Away in Rarotonga


A group of young Papua New Guinean self-made musicians are currently in Rarotonga entertaining the locals with their version of popular Cook Islands songs.

Oneness String Band from Hanuabada Village in the Nation’s capital, jetted off a fortnight ago for a montgh long tour of Rarotonga to not only experience the Polynesian Paradise but to showcase their musical talent. And that talent has not gone unnoticed with the group performing for the community in Church, interviewed on Radio and the Cook Island’s National Television.

Cook Island’s popular musician Savaiiki has also been at the forefront of their trip guiding them to perform at various locations around the tropical island. 

Oneness rose to fame during the Pacific Rugby League tournament here in Port Moresby when the visiting Cook Island Rugby League Team visited the Big Village giving the young musicians an opportunity to show them their talent and passion for Cook Island music. The connection between the Cook Islands and the big village goes back to the missionary days being the first village to be visited by South Sea Islander missionaries. The missionaries taught songs and dances to the villagers and that love for island music has remained. 

Here are some of the clips and pics.



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