10 Things to Love About Auckland

10 Things to Love About Auckland


This beautiful city rich in culture is a city you must visit. We've just been there and you should plan now...

Over the past week, we’ve been touring New Zealand. Actually Auckland. And no doubt, there are many more visits to come because we just loved every bit of it. We’ll tell you more about how to get there from Port Moresby. But first and the most exciting part is what we loved.

1. The Shopping

The city is beautiful. Clean and heaps of shops. All different kind. You can get dropped off on Queens Street and most of your shopping can be done in one place. Queen Street is the major commercial thoroughfare in the Auckland CBD. 


2. The Seafood

The seafood is delicious. There’s a variety of seafood and if you’re staying at a hotel, sea if they have a buffet on because chances are there may be a seafood buffet. Prawns, mussles, oysters etc. It may be a bit dear but it’s the experience of indulging on  delicious food New Zealand is renown for.

3. The Culture

There is something special about New Zealand in so far as recognizing and respecting indigenous culture is concerned. The indigenous Maori culture is part and parcel of every day life. Whether it is on public signage or indoors, the way their culture is portrayed says so much about the country itself. But if you really want to learn more, the Auckland museum is your best bet.


4. The Auckland Museum

There are primarily three floors in the Auckland museum. From War memorials, to indigenous artefacts, the museum is a place that will not only mesmerize you with the most rare of items but more importantly it will educate you. There are several shows on too like the Maori Culture Experience. This is a must try if you want to know more. It’s a half hour performance taking you through the people, the culture, the ancestors and more. Obviously, half hour isn’t much to know all but it’s enough to give you an overview of the first arrivals on Aoteroa.


5. Sky Tower

328m tall, and the most iconic building in the city. Looking up isn’t too bad but going up and looking down, if you’re scared of heights, it’s a little bit nerve wrecking. But the view is amazing and not every day do you climb that number of levels.

Try going up in the evening, the city is picturesque and unbelievably beautiful.

6. Bungy Jumping

For starters, we read about it. Saw some try it. And no, we didn’t try it. A bit too much for our liking. But the view of someone jumping off the tallest building is even a bit too much for the eye. But what an experience for just seeing someone “fall” from the Sky!

7. Auckland Explorer Bus

 If you’d like to explore the main attractions in the city by bus, then the Auckland Explore Bus is your best pick. You purchase a ticket for the day and it’s a “hop-on-hop-off” kind of transport departing every half hour.

We hopped on just outside the hotel, hopped off at the Museum, hopped on again and explored the rest of the city.

8. The Waterfront

This is an amazing place to dine or simply stroll around. They love the water, the seafood, the breeze and it’s an experience in itself to just be there sightseeing.

We loved this part of the city and there’s no better way to finish it off munching on a variety of seafood from the range of eateries there.

9. The Casino

Well, not much of a gambler but the Sky City Casino is a popular spot for those who want to try their luck. There’s a lot of machines there, the number of people playing there too makes the who experience interesting. We don’t recommend gambling for sure, but if this is for you, do have a look there.

10. Warriors

If you’re a rugby league fan like many Papua New Guinea, a day at the footy, Go Media Stadium to be precise, you will love the electric atmosphere. There is so much culture in the footy team and up on the stands, and you’ll be amongst many die-hard fans barracking on their beloved One New Zealand Warriors.



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