Counterfeit sanitary pads a health concern

  • Papua New Guinea’s lack of quality control of imported goods is turning out to be a serious concern. Importing of counterfeit products are on the rise and goods ranging from apparel to beverages are flooding into the local market. And a greater concern is the importation of counterfeit products that pose health risks. One such product is the counterfeit Softex sanitation pads.

    Leading household and industrial goods distributor, Panamex Pacific PNG Limited, has become aware of fake sanitary pads using the brand name “Softex”. The popular distributor has been for some time the sole authorised distributor of the Softex branded sanitary pads.
    For products that are intended to help customers at times when they are most vulnerable,  greater care is required when shopping for such products.

    Basically, manufacturers and importers of counterfeit products have little to no regard on the welfare of its targeted customers. Their sole aim is to make quick profits often at the expense of unsuspecting customers.

    The Softex brand has been built based on quality. A counterfeit product will often be less superior putting customers in danger when using them. Such dangers to users of fake sanitary pads could include unary tract infection and inflammation.

    For those in rural areas with less access to information on counterfeit products like these fake sanitary pads, the risks are even higher.

    Here’s an image of the genuine Softex sanitary pads.

    And here’s the counterfeit sanitary pads using the brand “Softex” on the packaging.

    Despite the obvious differences in the packaging, the usage of the word “Softex” is enough to mislead consumers into purchasing the fake products.

    What should you do?

    Simple. Stop buying counterfeit products. The more you buy, the more the market gets flooded with these low quality products. And of course, the greater the health risks.

    Educate yourself and your family on identifying and knowing the difference between a genuine product and a counterfeit one.

    As you will see from the above photos, the genuine Panamex distributed product has more detailed information on the packaging. The need for customers to be aware of the features and benefits of the product is evident in the packaging. The fake product has less information on it which reflects the level of care (or rather lack of it) it has to customers.

    Do the right thing and refrain from buying fake products. Don’t put your health at risk.

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